When you build a Stand Up Paddle you’ll create what most people will consider to be a work of art, and when they ask you where you bought it, you’ll have the pride and satisfaction of telling them that you built it yourself.

This web site was created after searching the web for plans describing How to Build a Stand Up Paddle and finding only scattered posts on forums and one very overpriced and disappointing set of DIY “plans”.  

The step-by-step plans that are laid out in the pages of this website detail a method of How to Build a Stand Up Paddle that nearly anyone with basic woodworking skills and tools can do.  This method combines features of three other methods of building a stand up paddle that results in a beautiful and functional paddle that will preform as well as any paddle that you can buy...at a fraction of the cost.

If you can dedicate about an hour per day to this project you should be able to complete a Stand Up Paddle using this method in about a week...So lets get started.

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